Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Reason For God

I have been reading this book this week, and it has been really, really good.  I have so much respect for the way Keller has organized this book.  He clearly has the agenda, that which is stated in the title of the book, but he is so tactful and wise in how he writes about it.  i am only 80 pages in, but the first half of the book is about the top seven problems people have with Christianity and the God it is centered around (or not-so centered around, as he might say in some cases).  
To me, this is a pretty gutsy decision in how to start your book.  I mean, I live in the midwest, a predominantly welcoming portion of the world when it comes to Christianity, and even I know what it is like to sit across the table from someone who has problem after problem after irreversible problem with the Christian church.  But Keller patiently explains the problem from the perspective of someone who might actually have it, and then moves forward into his explanation for why these problems are, in fact and in the end actually answered by God and Christianity, as opposed to created by it.  He does, however, acknowledge the vast betrayal of the faith by certain groups of people throughout history. 
Overall, he is a very humble, and yet very brilliant believer.  And I really think that is exactly what it takes to explain away some of the betrayal and misfortune the church has suffered through over the past century.  I am excited to read through the first half and reach the second half, where, after having built upon his trustworthiness and credibility, Keller goes on to give his "reasons for God." 

I will update you on the rest of the book as it comes along.

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  1. I'm excited to read this when you're done. Well, we talked about the book yesterday, but I'm especially ready for the lesson in patience... with a little bit of moxie. he seems to have a good balance of the two.
    I started "traveling mercies" last night. Lamott has a VERY interesting past... that's as far as i've gotten but i'll let you know.