Friday, August 14, 2009

Adbusters hates its readers

This guy wrote this article bashing hipsters for their apathy and unwillingness to stand for anything worthwhile. He points out some characteristics identifiable to hipsters, picks them apart, suggests them to be pointless, and then the article ends.

To me, the striking thing about this article is the lack in noticeable difference between a hipster (as defined within the article) and the article writer himself. Hipsters deny mainstream culture in favor of an alternative trend that is equally motionless and meaningless. The writer of this article denies the legitimacy of hipster culture as a counter-cultural practice, and yet provides no meaningful or practical alternative. Now to me that pretty much places him in the same boat. Maybe someone should tell him hipsters already hate on hipsters, and that if he really wants to be hip, he will come up with something new. I just hate to see purpose-driven Adbusters center an entire issue around a directionless and hypocritical piece such as this one.

But mainly I am just mad that he hated on fixies.

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