Thursday, August 13, 2009

Meteors are so beautiful.  Tonight I walked outside and laid on the trunk of my car and asked God to show me a meteor.  He did.  Then I asked Him again and He did.  This process went on for about thirty minutes, with my only really having to wait on God for a few minutes at most to get a response.  Just a little response in my eyes, a flash of light that might span two inches of the visible sky; but really such a huge huge response.  The huge rock-creation plummeting through space and into a vast emptiness. It's easy to pretend as though its sole purpose was to light up the sky for only a moment.. This is far fetched, I understand, it it very much sounds as if I created this convenient equation for God to answer my requests.  The trick, though, isn't so much a trick as it is a tiny little model for the way we should really be living our whole lives.  

You see, I asked for exactly what God wanted to give me.  Granted, I personally really wanted to see some meteors, but there in lies the true beauty of the meteor shower, me, and God tonight.  For a brief thirty minutes, and for what seems like the first time in ages, my desires and God's will came together, coincided, became one.   We must be willing to live like that!  We must be willing to toss our desires to the wind and watch God carry them as he pleases because when it all comes together, when God "gives you desires of your heart," it really is something beautiful.  

I think too often we proactively request things of God.  I want to have a more reactionary faith, i want to receive the tiny (and yet enormous) promptings of God as they come, minus my own presuppositions and "desires."  I want to want a meteor shower because it is God's gift.  I want to want a meteor shower when God gives us a meteor shower.  I am certainly glad I don't go outside every night and ask God for one.  I feel much more comfortable having received this one; having delighted in God first, and thus receiving the desires of my heart thereafter.

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