Friday, July 31, 2009

SO many blogs

Blogging is great.  There are complicated blogs for the professional profess-er.  Then there are the simple blogs for the "i'm new to this and i don't want to seem like i take myself as seriously as i actually do-er."  And here I am, Goldilocks, in the midst of my ravid search for the blog that is 'just right.'  My friend Adam and I read a book every week and blog about it.  We don't actually read a book every week, but it sounds more impressive to name the blog as if we actually did.  Nevertheless, check it out, it's part of our self-implied, manifest plan to save the literary world from the plunders of, well, blogging and tweeting.  Ironic, I know, but Jesus entered into the world of the sinner in order to save him.  So we descend from our literary throne into the blogosphere once a week (more like once every two weeks) to save yous guys from your literary death.  

Anyways, blogging is great.  This is like my fourth blog.  I have discovered that, in order to maintain hope that my previous blogs didn't plateau in their popularity prematurely (3 p's...), I quit on them, destroyed them, left them to rot in the virtual deserts before I was forced to face reality: I am not a good blogger.  

But yeah, blogging is great.  I am gonna stick with this one until I decide upon some trite inferiority in its interface or popularity, or usability. So read it.


  1. lame! now i can't follow you on tumblr. but guess what- i made a blogspot forevers ago, so i can still stalk you via this medium as well.
    ha sucker.

  2. Although this is an extremely clever blog post... i miss you on tumblr. reconsider